Sunday Nights @ CFC

Sunday, April 24, at 6 pm we launch our Sunday Nights @ CFC!  We are so excited to begin this Sunday evening adventure together.  Week One:  "Taking Risks"

We live in a world where we need more and more of Jesus! A Sunday night service gives us the opportunity to reach those that might not be able to come on a Sunday morning. Passionately seeking God, bringing change to others through Christ-like acts of love and service is what drives Sunday Nights. It also gives us the opportunity to bring our church together! We have the ability to worship and then fellowship together after the service! Although our goal is to reach young adults, including college students from Baylor, TSTC and MCC, all ages are welcome!

The format of our service is unique and interactive. Some nights are open forums for topics to be discussed, while others have a traditional service format. One key facet to this worship experience is the fellowship that follows each service! Some nights we eat at the church, other times at a restaurant and sometimes go to each other's homes! We want to make everyone that attends feel like they are a part of our great church family!

Make plans NOW to join us! Everyone is invited.

Resurrection Sunday

Celebrate Resurrection Sunday with us, March 27.  Begin the morning with a Sunrise Service in the field behind the church at 7:30 am.  Bring your lawn chair and blanket (depending on the weather!) as we celebrate the risen Lord with worship music, testimonies and short devotional. 

After the Sunrise Service join us in the Fellowship Hall for a wonderful breakfast.

"The Risen Christ In Me" is our message for our 10:00 am service.  Beautiful, traditional music, drama, and special music bring us to the empty cross as we focus on Christ's triumphant victory over death.

Valentine Banquet-Saturday, Feb. 13

Enjoy a great Italian meal and participate in an entertaining, interactive, exciting mystery, "The League of Good Guys Murder Mystery."  Register here.

In a world where bad guys wreak havock on peace and conformity, it’s up to a select few superheroes to keep the world safe. These superheroes are known as The League of Good Guys. These independent superheroes meet periodically to discuss strategy, and what must be done with the world’s worst bad guys.

The members of The League of Good Guys have met at IronGuy’s mansion to have their usual meeting in IronGuy’s secret underground meeting room. But when a controversial alloy that IronGuy has created goes missing and then his butler is found dead, it becomes apparent that one of the heroes has turned villainous. It’s up to all the heroes to question the suspects to find the killer and the thief in their midst!

Appetizers and pictures at 6:00 pm.  Meal served at 6:30 pm.  $8/single and $15/couple.  Register here.

Spiritual Warfare Weekend

We are excited to announce that Eddie and Alice Smith, cofounders of the U.S. Prayer Center in Houston, TX, are our guests for the weekend of January 15-17, 2016.  They are regular contributors to Charisma, Ministries Today, and Pray! Magazines.

Are you prepared for Spiritual Warfare?  Whether your answer is a resounding "yes," a reluctant "I don't think so," or you even wonder if spiritual warfare is real, Eddie Smith wants to help you prepare for the assignment God has for you.

The weekend schedule:  Friday, 7 pm – 9 pm; Saturday, 9 am – noon, and 1 pm – 4 pm; Sunday, 10:45 am. 

Everyone is invited to this free event.  Register here to attend.


Friends and Family Golf Scramble

Monthly Newsletter

If you would like a copy of our newsletter emailed to you, please email   This is just one more way we can keep you informed of the exciting events happening at Community Fellowship.  You can also forward the email to a friend you want to invite to church or share it on your Facebook page.  To see this month's newsletter, click here.

Celebrate! An Advent Experience

Celebrate the Christmas season with us.  Beginning Nov. 24th – "Be Ready!"  Will you allow this advent season to change YOU?  Daily Devotionals will speak to you as we prepare our hearts to "Be Fruitful!", "Be Blessed!", "Be Amazed!", and "Celebrate!"