Sunday Nights @ CFC

Sunday, April 24, at 6 pm we launch our Sunday Nights @ CFC!  We are so excited to begin this Sunday evening adventure together.  Week One:  "Taking Risks"

We live in a world where we need more and more of Jesus! A Sunday night service gives us the opportunity to reach those that might not be able to come on a Sunday morning. Passionately seeking God, bringing change to others through Christ-like acts of love and service is what drives Sunday Nights. It also gives us the opportunity to bring our church together! We have the ability to worship and then fellowship together after the service! Although our goal is to reach young adults, including college students from Baylor, TSTC and MCC, all ages are welcome!

The format of our service is unique and interactive. Some nights are open forums for topics to be discussed, while others have a traditional service format. One key facet to this worship experience is the fellowship that follows each service! Some nights we eat at the church, other times at a restaurant and sometimes go to each other's homes! We want to make everyone that attends feel like they are a part of our great church family!

Make plans NOW to join us! Everyone is invited.

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