Valentine Banquet-Saturday, Feb. 13

Enjoy a great Italian meal and participate in an entertaining, interactive, exciting mystery, "The League of Good Guys Murder Mystery."  Register here.

In a world where bad guys wreak havock on peace and conformity, it’s up to a select few superheroes to keep the world safe. These superheroes are known as The League of Good Guys. These independent superheroes meet periodically to discuss strategy, and what must be done with the world’s worst bad guys.

The members of The League of Good Guys have met at IronGuy’s mansion to have their usual meeting in IronGuy’s secret underground meeting room. But when a controversial alloy that IronGuy has created goes missing and then his butler is found dead, it becomes apparent that one of the heroes has turned villainous. It’s up to all the heroes to question the suspects to find the killer and the thief in their midst!

Appetizers and pictures at 6:00 pm.  Meal served at 6:30 pm.  $8/single and $15/couple.  Register here.

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